Abi (Free talk 講師)

Hi everyone! My name is Abi. I graduated with the Degree of AB Communication Arts. I've been teaching for almost 10 years now and still can't get enough of it. I have an Advanced TESOL certification. I teach English to different levels of ESL students from beginner, intermediate, high intermediate to Advanced and to different age groups. I always make sure that I establish a set of activities that is easy for them to learn and understand. I also teach IELTS, TEOFL, TOIEC, Free Conversation, Business English and Cambridge English Test Preparation. I have some background in debate and public speaking. I have so many interests and hobbies. These includes meeting new people, discovering new cultures, reading novels, watching movies, traveling, mountain climbing, trekking, cycling and dj mixing. I love teaching because I feel so happy when I share my knowledge to other people and it's so uplifting to see them learn English easily. I'm very friendly and I easily get along well with my students. Come join me in my class! I'll make learning English fun and easier for you. See you

Steph (Free Talk講師)

Hi there! My name is Teacher Steph. I have been teaching for 12 years now. I love playing the piano, reading novels and watching movies. I’m also passionate about learning. I like learning new things. I know how it is to be a student. In my career as a teacher, I have enjoyed meeting and inspiring students with the use of English. Teaching and getting to know people amazes me because people share their wisdom according to their own experiences and opinions. I make sure that I give a hundred percent in each lesson and expect the student to do the same.

Judy (Free Talk講師)

Hello! My name is Judy. I'm a licensed teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Education major in Elementary Education. I am TEFL certified with a 120-hour certification. I've been teaching English for 8 years and I have lived and worked in Japan as an English Teacher for 3 years. During my free time, I enjoy reading inspirational books and watching variety of films. I love teaching English because it brings valuable experience for the improvement and foundation of the student’s English skills, which they will carry on for a lifetime. I will use my years of experience in teaching English and take into account your learning style as a student. I am excited to have lessons with you and I promise that you will learn a lot, have fun and improve your overall English skills! I hope to see you soon!

Jiana (Free Talk講師)

Hi! I’m Jiana. I took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I have had several jobs after graduation but I decided to pursue this career in teaching because it's more fun and productive. I have been teaching English for more than five years now and I have handled different levels of students from different walks of life. I believe the experience I've earned in those years will further help me become more capable of adapting different learning requirements of students. I always make it


Hello! My name is Joan. I have been teaching since 2018 for both online and in person. I have experience in teaching students of different English communication levels from 5 to 50 years old. Our class is going to be student-centered, and the teaching environment is going to be full of encouragement. My teaching methodology is engaging, interesting, and fun for my students but also effective in nurturing English learners’ skills. I’m extremely passionate about teaching. I hope to see you soon in my class!


北アイルランド出身。サウスウェスト大学教育学専攻卒。 TESL資格(第二言語としての英語教授法)保持。水戸市立小学校、中学校の ALTとして26年勤務。実践的で役に立つ英語を教えていきたいと考 えています。趣味は犬を散歩につれていくこと。 北アイルランドの美し い自然の写真を見せながらアイルランドのパンの作り方なども紹介します。

I am looking forward to meeting you in class!


英会話スクールで外国人講師の各企業へ講師を送る手配や企業でのTOEIC 講師も経験あります。
授業にEnglish songs を入れる取り組みもしておりますので、洋楽など楽しめる機会があれば幸いです。


東大文学部卒のTakaです。 専門は全く別のところに身を置く者ですが、30を過ぎて(なぜか)親の影響か教育に対する関心が高まっていました。専門学校での講師(内容は音楽に関することですが)、個別塾での講師を経て現在に至っています。生涯現役。頭の働くうちはまだまだ頑張りますよ。


Hi! My name is Venus. I’m a graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. Throughout my teaching journey, I’ve already attended a lot of training inside and outside. During my free time, I usually read books from different authors. I love to write in my journal and spending time. I love trekking. I love going to places and learning their various languages and culture. I also love communicating with different nationalities from around the world. So if you want to challenge yourself in learning English don't worry, learning English would be very fun I can help you! Let's talk about many things and I'm excited to share with you all that I know about the English language. See you soon.


 補習教師のYasuです。東京工業大学工学部卒業しました。大手企業を退職後、現在個別指導塾名門会とKateKyo学院で専任講師もやっています。講師経験と、実用英語資格取得(実用英検1級、TOEIC 900点)の経験を生かして、役にたち受験にも役立つ英語授業を提供可能です。
得意な指導科目は、英語(中学、高校)、数学(中学、高校)ですが、そのほか理科(中学) 国語(中学、高校)、化学(高校)、物理(高校)も随時指導いたします。なにとぞよろしくお願いします。