Hello! My name is Cristhy. I'm a licensed teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education major in English. In my free time, I watch TV shows and movies, read short stories and documentations, and listen to music for relaxation. I’ve been an ESL teacher to Vietnamese and Japanese students for seven months now. I have learned a lot in teaching that it is not only about sharing the knowledge or the transfer of technology but also to inspire and to touch each students’ lives. It also taught me that English is a language to connect people from different countries and to build relationships. It made me realize that effective learning comes when you build rapport towards your students and when you witness their development. I will always try to leave a mark in my student’s life no matter how long or how brief our teacher-student relationship may have been. I take it upon myself that my student’s future successes depend on the way I have molded him. All the best!